YMCA basketball goes back way beyond tear-away pants and orange slices? In fact, the YMCA was instrumental in the invention of the sport in 1891. In the mid-1970s, when short shorts, high socks and converse were the preferred uniform, the YMCA and the NBA created the Youth Basketball Association (YBA) to organize youth into recreational sports programs that stress skills and teamwork over winning at any cost.

The YMCA has proudly continued that tradition. After over 128 years of youth basketball, the Y knows the big things joining a YMCA youth basketball team can mean for kids on and off the court. YMCA basketball is not just about sharpening shooting skills and making baskets, but about building skills that benefit mind, body and spirit. Participating in team sports when kids are young can build a life full of physical activity, but it also means improved cognitive function and social skills.

Basketball programs include:


Showcase Basketball Academy


Showcase Basketball brings high level basketball training to players striving to reach their potential. Whether you are a middle school player working towards making a high school team in the future, or a college player preparing for the pro game, Showcase Basketball has the knowledge and resources to get you there.

Rookie Basketball

This is the perfect class for children to begin learning about a love of basketball. Basic skills, character development and fun are just part of the experience. Ages 3-4 yrs.

Youth Basketball League


Goal Oriented! Youth Basketball is an exciting sport combining team play and individual skills. The Y promises no try outs, no getting cut and no benchwarmers! Every child plays while making friends and learning new techniques.

Practices: Each team will have one 60-minute practice per week. During this time, the players will receive individual instruction in shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding.

Focus: While basic skills of the game are developed through practices and games, every child learns sportsmanship and values necessary to be successful in life.

Program Offerings: Helps kids become not only better players, but better people as well. With multiple age specific levels, each child gets to play and the games are safe, exciting and fun. We encourage fair play, positive competition, and family involvement.