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Performing Arts


We offer a variety of dance classes for children and many are free for Family Members. See the full schedule.

Creative Expression (Ages 5-12): This is the perfect class for children who want to get creative in art, music, dance, and theater. Each week will bring something different for children to try as they find their inner artistic voice.

Breakdancing Power Moves (Ages 8-14): This class focuses on the acrobatic side of break dancing. Such as windmills, headspins, flips, freezes, and more.

Musical Theatre (Ages 5-12): Children will learn songs, dances, and acting scenes each month. It's the perfect class for any child looking to perform in the spotlight! Quarterly Showcase is offered for kids to peform their new skills infront of friends and family.

Theatre Improv (Ages 5-12): Children will learn new acting scenes each month in a fun and creative way. Each month we'll bring something new!

New Creative Writing (Ages 5-10): Children will improve their writing and creative skills as they work on developing their own graphic novels and comic books. Character development and heroic themes will be presented in a fun and unique way as well.

Kids Club (Ages 5-9): Kids Club provides story time, games and crafts in a fun, creative environment. Parents please sign your child in at the Stay and Play Room first for Kids Club.

Ballet (Ages 3-10): Children will be introduced to basic ballet positions as well as elementary ballet movement.

Break Dance (Ages 5-14): Cultivate confidence, make friends and learn some cool tricks. Class will focus on the fundamentals. No previous dance experience needed.

Family Zumba Hour (Ages 4 & up): Dance and get fit as a family. Parents must stay with their children.

Hip Hop (Ages 5-14): A dance class in isolation, strength, rhythm, contraction and expansion.

Zumba Kids: Increase self-confidence, boost your metabolism and enhance coordination. Come join our high-energy fitness-party packed with specially choreographed routines and all the music your kids love.